新型インフルエンザについて、簡単に書かれている英語ニュースのサイトを紹介します。豚インフルエンザとも呼ばれていましたが、Pig Fluとは言わないないんですね。

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What is Swine Flu?

TFK answers this and other questions about the flu outbreak
By Nellie Gonzalez Cutler
April 27, 2009

Time for KidsへOn Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that 40 cases of swine flu have been confirmed in the United States. People have fallen ill in several states. All of those who have come down with the flu have either recovered or are recovering. Many of them visited Mexico recently.

Time for Kids | What is Swine Flu?

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United States and Mexico Battle Swine Flu

What you should do to avoid infection Transcript of radio broadcast: 28 April 2009

VOA NewsへThis is the VOA Special English Health Report. Swine flu is a respiratory sickness caused by an influenza virus that mainly infects pigs. However, sometimes the virus can sicken humans. That is what has happened in Mexico in the last few weeks.

The virus is believed to have sickened at least two thousand people there. Mexican health officials suspect at least one hundred fifty-two people have died from swine flu. Many of those who died were young adults who were healthy before they became infected.

VOA News - United States and Mexico Battle Swine Flu

Swineというのは、Old Englishでブタの総称です。

Swine (Pig)
Bovine (Cow)
Equine (Horse)
Ovine (Sheep)
Canine (Dog)
Feline (Cat)
Lapine (Rabbit)
Caprine (Goat)


WHOへWHO | Pandemic (H1N1) 2009

CDCへCenters for Disease Control 2009 H1N1 Flu


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